Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Victim Surcharge

The wonderful New Labour project has deemed it necessary to enforce a Victim Surcharge on every person convicted of an offence. This is the kingly sum of £15.
The Court inform the Defendant that the £15 goes to the victims of crime. I have been the victim of a crime. When I phoned the police, they did not mention that I was entitled to £15. Nor did they come round and give me £15 when they took details.
I am not sure how to apply for it. It would not surprise me if it was means tested. Or restricted to those under 4 and over 100, who can speak Polish.
It sounds so good...
"For the crime of assault PC, I sentence you to 100 hours unpaid work, and £15 victim surcharge for the victims of crime".
The money does not even go to the victim of the crime to which the Defendant has either pleaded guilty to or been found guilty of.

I do not understand why someone convicted of driving other than in accordance with a licence (a learner driver) is also given the surcharge, who is the victim?

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