Friday, 10 October 2008

Child Support


I am now waiting to see if the aberrant father appears for his trial. He is guilty (well likely to be found guilty) of the heinous crime of failing to provide information to the Child Support Agency. This is a government body that is slightly less popular that the SA was in Germany in the early 30's.
His crime, he did not respond to a letter. Mind you if he did, he would have had to pay for his child(ren). Which apparently, they all do
"I make sure Jonny or Sue (more likely Jordan (a great name covers both boys and girls)) gets everything he wants"
apart from clothes, food, and new shoes.
Sympathy I have not.
To prevent the child would not have taken an enormous amount of intellect. Either do not have sex, or have careful sex. Otherwise you will pay (or not as the case may well be)
Guess who is not blessed with children

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