Wednesday, 29 October 2008


A tale of woe for those who drive taxis without the appropriate licence
A private hire taxi requires a number of licences, the driver requires a licence, the operator a licence and the car a licence.

My client today was up on 2 counts of driving with no insurance the catch all charge for those who have touted. Insurance is usually not permitting to use the car for private hire. So people may have insurance for themselves but the moment they tout the insurance becomes invalid.

My client intended to plead guilty and well he might as he had no chance of winning, he apparently had been driving in his (well not his an employer's) car on another job, not cabbing, when he saw another cab broken down by the road, he phoned his colleague to be informed that he was stuck and could not get to a job. My client helpfully said that, as a favour (yeah) he would pick up the fare so that they did not miss out and take them home, as a favour and for no money (yeah)

By the time he arrived at the airport, the fare had been waiting an hour or more and was not happy. Not happy being an understatement. The fare then looked at the car and asked why there was no licence for the car, the client tried to bluff his way out of it before agreeing that the car did not have the relevant licence. The fare then decided, due to the hour or so wait, to take the car in any event.

Unfortunately, for my client, the fare was the leader of the W District Council, and the Council take a great deal of interest in licensing. Having taken a ride and paying him, the Council leader reported him. And so he was in Court.

So the moral for this story, is if you do not have the relevant licence do not pick up the leader of the Council, or if you do, do not turn up an hour late!

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