Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thieving solicitors

Sometimes I struggle with who is a greater stranger to truth. Those who seek to avail themselves of the mercy of the Immigration system in the United Kingdom or the solicitors who purport to represent them.
I say purport to represent them, as in the main, and I mean main, as there are indeed exceptions to the rule, though I have yet to meet them and I have been practising for around a decade, as their standard is almost uniformly bad.
I would say that I have never met such venal people as I have had the honour of working for, but this would be a lie, some of my clients are their equal, though they are usually charged with or have been convicted of offences ranging for Sexual Offences, such as rape to violent crimes.
Some Immigration representatives have such a poor command of the English language that you can roundly denigrate them in their own office in front of their clients, though by choosing one's words carefully safely avoid them being aware of the meaning of your words. They key to this is to use words in excess of one syllable. Any word, just as long as it exceeds a syllable. If it contains three or more they will probably admire your intellect and provide you with further work, I would say money, but almost invariably the one thing seek to avoid more than the truth is paying Counsel.
As can probably be discerned I have had the pleasure of being roundly rumped by (another) immigration solicitor. He promised to send payment by Friday last. Did it happen?

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