Monday, 13 October 2008

Bank - Economy - White Rabbit to head Bank of England

The Prime Minister recently appointed the White Rabbit to head the Bank of England, said the PM upon the appiontment
"The Rabbit comes with an incredible pedigree, it has hopped out of the cabinet on two previous occasions in front of the fox and has extensive experience in not only consuming grass, carrots and 10 course meals in Europe but also has made contacts with Rabbits throughout the EU, most notably whilst on holiday with other Rabbits in Corfu"
When challenged as to the wisdom of appointing a Rabbit to this post, the PM replied
"I tried to engage the services of the Cat (Cheshire) as I felt that his smile would cheer up the public but unfortunately he kept on disappearing, and Alice's parents said that the job would involve mixing with undesirable elements in Cabinet..."
The PM concluded that
"The White Rabbit will ensure that that is necessary to be done will be done and the Houses of Cards will rise again..."

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