Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Remiss I have been

Today I am the Crown Prosecutor.
A fun day awaits, I look foward to seeing the marginalised in society trot before my very eyes in all their glory.
Most plead guilty. This is sensible as they are guilty. All of them.
And most will be fined.
Not very much money, mind, but fined nonetheless, though why they are fined I have no idea because, a. the amount is very small (usually £50 - £200) and b. they can not pay.
After being sentenced the Court will ask if they can pay the fine today. And they will say no. The Court will then ask how they can pay. They will say that they are on benefits. Then they will pay £5 a week.
Only they won't. And nothing will really happen.
After months they will be brought back to Court, threatened with prison for non payment and then have most of the fines discounted.

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