Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tax - Victim

Victim Surcharge, is I realise, a tax.
We are all victims of those dreadful Americans and they way that they forced us to borrow lots of money and spend fortunes of overpriced houses, so I suppose the £15 victim surcharge will go into the government pot to pay for (not hospitals, police or more Courts), or rather go towards the governments enlightened policy of bailing out banks and other rich people.
So again the very very poor will be at last contributing to society as a whole, by giving (back) their benefits to the rich. Unique, circular, justice at last.
The rich can stay rich and the poor, I would say by giving their money away, but it is removed at source (they really cannot be trusted) so they don't get, stay poor.

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Radagast said...

I think the poor should voluntarily give all their money to the rich, and then starve (or freeze), to death. This approach would have the twin benefits of speeding up the process of exploitation, and also may (slim possibility), cause the rich to realize what it is that their system does!