Monday, 27 October 2008

five days later and One Prince

Is it really five days since I have added anything...time flies when your computer breaks. I have now got a small netbook, which looked cute and is, though it is taking me a hard time to work out how to type with the small keypad, but I am sure I will get it, frustrating though it is.

I am now travelling to an East London court to represent a client whose name is that of a member of the royal family, Prince ?? Obviously I am not representing a memberof the royal family as they would have made sure that the prosecution was dropped. He is from Africa. He has the name, and he is sadly mad. The conference went something like this
Tell me guv, give it to me straight, its bad isnt it?
No it is a public order offence, you were shouting at people.
How long am I gonna get?
You are not going to prison (for this anyway0
Long then, I can handle it.
No prison.
Tell me, its your line of work, what its gonna be?
Bad then huh?
Very bad, I suggest you plead guilty.
But I have not done it.
No of course not, but it is your word against 3 policemen.
Well its white man's justice guv,
I am white.
Your different guv,
What not really white?

If he is not convicted I will eat my new computer

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