Monday, 13 October 2008

FSA - No way

I wait with baited breath for the credit agencies to pursue me for money. I shall let the angry women blow hot for a few minutes in respect of my financial improprieties, wait for them to ask (as if it is any of their business, it is a contract not a bloody social obligation - mind you in the light of the new world banking order, it probably is a form of Rosseau(ian) social contract) why I have run up debts, before informing them that...
I intended to pay, and if I could have kept working and borrowing more I would have paid, but unfortunately, I made a mistake or a few mistakes and now I am stuck"
At this point, if past experience is anything to go by, the lecture is likely to take the following tack...
"Well it is not a very responsible attitude to keep borrowing money in the hope you will be able to pay it off"
But it worked for RBS, HBOS et al

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